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“I would recommend this experience to any student who is interested in gaining hands-on experience that will allow them to have a competitive edge over other students graduating from their program.” Sarah Prociw, Social Service Worker – Gerontology Program graduate and recent Sheridan Elder Research Centre Research Assistant

Sheridan Undergraduate Research currently supports several active research areas including Centres of Expertise such as SERC, CAMDT and SIRT. In addition, research is conducted in advanced computing through the SHARCNET Research Chair and energy sustainability.

Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT)

CAMDT offers local small and mid-sized enterprises access to advanced manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge resources. Their research has helped local small- and medium-sized manufacturers improve their processes, enhance their facilities, and advance their products.

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Centre for Mobile Innovation

Sheridan's Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI) uses mobile technologies to facilitate research and development opportunities between professors, students and industry partners. With a mission to increase applied research opportunities in mobile computing, CMI is strengthening local and national collaboration in mobile computing and developing skilled, capable graduates.

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Screen Industries Research and Training Centre

SIRT is a digital media centre established by Sheridan College. We are dedicated to fostering collaborative innovation and building production capacity in Ontario’s screen-based industries.

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The Sheridan Centre for Elder Research

We provide a unique environment for conducting applied research into areas of practical concern and immediate relevance to older adults and their families. We develop innovative approaches and creative interdisciplinary partnerships that focus on enhancing the lives of older Canadians.

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Ontario Centres of Excellence Projects

Industry Academia Collaboration Program – Technical Problem Solving (TPS)

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Shared Hierarchical Academic Computing Network (SHARCNET)

We are a consortium of Canadian academic institutions that share a network of high performance computers. With this infrastructure, we enable world-class academic research that explore how HPC can help solve highly complex problems.

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Curriculum-based Research

Curriculum-based research projects tend to be smaller in scope than funded research and are run as student final projects in designated courses.

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Other Funded Research

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

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FedDev Ontario ARC Projects

Sheridan recently administered 32 industry projects over two rounds of funding through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario's Applied Research Commercialization (ARC) Initiative. The ARC initiative began at Sheridan College on January 10, 2010, and had an immediate positive impact on both local businesses as well as the College.

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